About Us

Our vision has always been geared toward recruiting and promoting HIGH-CHARACTER CLIENTS and placing them in environments where their talents could reach MAXIMUM POTENTIAL. The term ‘RISING STARS’ relates to basketball players and coaches who have chosen PROPER CHALLENGING STEPS in order to grow as professionals. ‘GRINDERS’ WHO ARE TOUGH ATHLETIC SCORERS are players we represent.


We are proud of OUR CLIENTS WHO HAVE WON 39 TITLES and numerous individual awards in the following 34 COUNTRIES:  Australia, Austria, Argentina, Belgium, Bosnia, Brazil, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Denmark, Ecuador, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Lebanon, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Mexico, New Zealand, North Macedonia, Paraguay, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, United States, United Kingdom, Uruguay, and Venezuela. 

I am originally from Bosnia, but as a part of the Bosnian Junior National Basketball Team I moved to Chicago in 1993 to play high school basketball. Afterwards, I played college and professional basketball, and in 2003 I began my coaching career. I coached for 7 years at all levels of college basketball (NAIA, NCAA II, JUCO, NCAA I), including 4 years as a player development coach at Texas Tech University under legendary Coach Bob Knight. In 2010 at Texas Tech University, I received my Ph.D. and began building my international contacts. I was fortunate to represent players like Kennedy Winston (led SEC in scoring at Alabama and played for top Euroleague teams like Real Madrid, Panathinaikos, and Rome and in South America), Joe Troy Smith (14-year pro career in Italy, Russia, Israel, Argentina, Brazil), John Roberson (led Big 12 in assists and later became one of the best point guards in France, Russia, Australia, EuroCup, FIBA Europe Cup, Sweden, Switzerland), Ronald Ross (All-American at Texas Tech and 10 year high level pro player in Europe), Jaye Crockett (2nd team Big 12 player at Texas Tech and a great career in Russia, Australia, France, Italy, FIBA Europe Cup), and many other outstanding college players who became high level professional players. Thus far I signed clients in 34 countries on 5 continents, and they have won 39 titles.

Almir Smajic, Ph.D.

Owner and FIBA Licenced Agent (#2018506067)